2018 DVSBF Golf Tournament
April 3, 2018
2018 DVSBF Golf Tournament
April 3, 2018
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The DVSBF Mission

Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence Theory of Change and Action

The DVSBF Mission is to create a healthy community free from all forms of domestic violence.

We believe EVERYONE is VALUABLE. On this journey to end violence we aspire to embody OUR VALUES and be JoyfulBoldHopefulFiercely Compassionate, & Pragmatic.

The problem we are transforming is the culture of violence built on generations of oppression. Violence is used to control groups, communities and individual people.

Our strategies will strengthen the culture of beloved community and undo the roots of violence.

Our purpose is for all people to live and love freely without fear. Beloved community ensures personal sovereignty & interdependence.


There are many ways you can help support DVSBF.

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