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The best and easiest way to prevent domestic violence is to talk about it — not just domestic violence, but about relationships.  Talk to those you love about love!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert or have all the answers. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 — Ask a question. Listen up. Stay connected.

Ask a question:

Youth need to know what to do, not just what not to do. Learn to talk to the youth in your life about how to create health relationships. Download some handy cards to start a conversation about healthy relationships and share how to Love Like This with the young people in your life. Click here for more info on teen dating violence.

Listen Up:

Click here for more info on how to help a friend.

Stay Connected:

What do I do if they share something concerning?!

One of the things we know about domestic violence is that people turn to their informal support systems – their friends, family, neighbors, pastor, etc. before they ever turn to law enforcement, the courts, or even an advocate.  That means every one of us is a first responder to domestic violence.

If your friend reveals something, or you have seen or heard about things going on in their relationship that concern you, it can be overwhelming but these phrases can help:

Other advice:

How to help a friend who might be abusing his/her partner?

We got most of these ideas from Washington State Coalition Against Domestic violence. Download their “How’s Your Relationship?” cards, or check out their websiteblog and facebook for more great information about domestic violence and how you can talk about it.