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I’m afraid of my partner.

If someone is hurting you or making you scared, it is not your fault!  Domestic violence is about power and control – it isn’t about your behavior or feelings.  You can’t fix it or stop the abuse.  The batterer is responsible for their behavior – and ONLY they can change their behavior.

There is help available:

What do I do if someone I know is being abused?

Learn more about how to help a loved one who is being abused.

If you are abusing your partner:

Take responsibility for your behavior and make a commitment to change.   Call UW hotline at 1-800-MEN-1089 – the Men’s Domestic Abuse Check-Up is a project for men 18 and older who are concerned or have mixed feelings about their behaviors toward their partner.

Get perpetrator treatment from a registered perpetrator intervention provider.

Learn more about perpetrator treatment, if counseling help and how you can know if he is changing.