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Candlelight Vigil

PLEASE NOTE THE NEW LOCATION! – Howard Amon Park, behind the Richland Community Center at 500 Amon Park Dr., Richland.

The 15th Annual Candlelight Vigil will be held 5:30pm, Thurs., Oct. 26th, 2017 at Howard Amon Park, behind the Richland Community Center at 500 Amon Park Dr., Richland.

Friends and family members are welcome to come at 5pm to memorialize and decorate the silhouettes of their loved ones.

Music and blessing of the Dia de los Muertos alter at 5:30pm.

Each year DVS hosts a candlelight vigil to raise awareness and honor survivors in our community.  This year the event will feature 40 life-size silhouettes representing the 41 victim killed as a result of domestic violence in our community since 1998. Over 900 luminaries will be lit to represent the individuals served by DVS each year.

Since 1998, 26 women, 9 men and 6 children have been murdered as a result of domestic violence in the Tri-City area! Learn more about domestic violence related homicides in WA.

Download a vigil flyer to share or distribute.

 Homicide Victims:

Lucia Barela-Vargas, Killed 6/28/1998
Christa  Garcia, Killed 7/26/1998
Anthony  Miller, Killed 11/3/1998
Amy Reeves, Killed 4/28/1999
Neftali Castillo, Killed 3/13/2000
Tara Jensen, Killed 9/16/2000
Linda Grover, Killed 1/7/2001
Janine Crandall, Killed 2/13/2001
Mayra Avila-Lopez, Killed 7/28/2001
Salvador Farias, Killed 9/7/2001
San Juanita Montelongo, Killed 3/3/2002
Shona Malcom-Kelly, Killed 8/9/2002
David Brown, Killed 3/7/2003
Marisela Sital-Ross, Killed 8/6/2003
Nathan Sital, Killed 8/6/2003

Yana Samolyuk, Killed 7/9/2006
Serenity Jade Reedy, Killed 6/7/2013
Alex Prather, Killed 6/2/2005
Alysha Prather, Killed 6/2/2005
Donald Hayden, Killed 8/5/2003
Debra Carr, Killed 7/9/2004
Glen Carr, Killed 7/10/2004
Darlene Hyatt, Killed 3/10/2005
Barb Davis, Killed 1/19/2006
Cleveland Everhart, Killed 10/8/2006
Griselda Ocampo Meza, Killed 5/24/2010
Judy Hebert, Killed 3/3/2011
Franklin Scott Evans  Palmer, Killed 3/22/2013
Julie Britt, Killed 8/22/2006

Sandra Godinez-Sanchez, Killed 8/23/2004
Julie Prather, Killed 6/1/2005
Patricia Leighton, Killed 7/26/2006
Tiairra Jo  Garcia, Killed 6/22/2008
Shenay Greenough, Killed 5/8/2010
Magdalena Velasco-Garcia, Killed 6/10/2011
Saul  Ramos-Arrazate, Killed 1/16/2013
Rebeca Vanderventer-Baer, Killed 9/11/2013
Monique V. Williams, Killed 5/17/2014
Maria Guadalupe Cruz-Calvillo, Killed 7/2/2015
Luis Lopez-Cruz, killed 7/2/2015
Luisa A. Garcia Farias, killed 12/24/15
Katy Straalsund, killed  4/22/16